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Santa Cruz County summer camp based in Scotts Valley
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Perfect Summer Santa Cruz summer camp is a fun and active summer camp program directed by Kirsten who was the Summer Camp director for the Carden Santa Cruz summer camp. Kirsten was also the French teacher at Carden Santa Cruz for over 7 years until the school closed.

Summer Camp program includes: Summer Bridge Math/Reading, Art Projects, Outdoor Adventures, Beach Days, Pool Days and much more. Last year we went hiking at Henry Cowell Redwoods and Fall Creek in Felton. We went to the Scotts Valley Library and rode bikes and scooters to Sky Park and Hocus Pocus Park. We picked berries and baked home-made pie! Our towers were awesome and we read some funny stories. Imagine your kids having summer camp that is fun, safe and feels like family! That's the kind of summer camp it is. Perfect Summer Santa Cruz summer camp is a California Licensed Small Family Child Care facility.

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Measure A Scotts Valley - Rebuild Scotts Valley Middle School Explore Santa Cruz County Outdoor Fun in Santa Cruz County: Swimming, Bike Riding, Santa Cruz Beach Days Science Exploration: Find out how stuff works. Introduction to French, German and Spanish. Music and Art projects