Creative Arts
Drawing, painting, sculpting and crafts with child-friendly materials will be a daily option. Exploration with water color, easel painting, salt-dough and other supplies will inspire the artist in your child. Cooking together will be a treat for our culinary artists.

Math/Science Exploration
Open-ended building supplies such as Tinker ToysTM, GearsTM, Marbles Towers, and wooden blocks will encourage discovery of math and science principles such as gravity, and cause and effect. Games such as checkers, chess and dominoes will develop logical thinking and quick math skills in the middle of fun!

Outdoor Fun
Our Appaloosa Court location is ideal for bike riding, blowing bubbles, chalk art and when they’re ripe, berry-picking! We will bake scrumptious pies together (mom and dad will wish they could take time off for this!) *Bring your bike or use one of ours. Helmets required.

Foreign Language & Literature
Story-time with high quality, varied children’s literature will foster your child’s imagination. As able and willing, older children will read aloud for the enjoyment of all. French and Spanish language games and songs will give your child a taste of the global world we live in.

Field Trips
Daily outings will vary from a walk to the park a block away, to a drive to the beach or pool. Swimwear needed daily. Santa Cruz county favorite spots include: Henry Cowell State Park, Loch Lomond Reservoir, Twin Lakes Beach, Natural Bridges State Park, Simpkins Pool, Fall Creek, Scotts Valley Branch Library and more! We will walk when possible (breathe the fresh air and save the earth), take my Honda Pilot if needed (when enrollment is 7 campers or fewer), and take the city bus otherwise (adventure and civic education all in one). For more information see What You Need To Know.

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