Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30-4:30 (Extended Care till 5:30)

Arrival time: Please arrive by 10:00 (or call if you cannot come) so we can go out

Approximate return time from field trips: 4:00.
Pick-up 4:30 (or 5:30 for E.C.)
You must sign your child in and out each day.

Our small numbers make it easy to accommodate your needs. You can meet us “on the field” if you need to.

A day at summer camp:
Our days will have the idyllic summer feel.

Mornings will begin with creative arts time including water color, sculpting dough, building blocks, dolls, and other materials to inspire your imagination. You choose your activity from among many.


Noontimewill include family-style dining at table with all of our bag lunches. Drinks provided: milk, juice or water. Please do not pack candy.


Afternoons will almost always involve an outing to the park, beach, pool or other cool Santa Cruz spot (Henry Cowell Redwoods, Loch Lomond, Natural Bridges…)

---Transportation will be: on foot, in my ’06 Honda Pilot, or by city bus, depending on the destination and attendance (the Pilot seats 7 passengers). Leave a booster if needed!

At the “pad” we will have bikes, bubbles, berry picking and baking, group games like Dominoes, Connect Four and Scatch. Look out for French/Spanish games like BINGO. Music making will happen spontaneously.


Rainy Days (it happens!) Computer games, movies and video games join the activity choice list.


Nice manners, group cooperation and helpfulness will be cultivated and appreciated. Daily tasks will provide summer campers with a sense of belonging and self-esteem. Positive discipline techniques will be implemented when necessary and working things out between the children will always be our first step. All efforts will be made to integrate summer campers however, if any child should prove to be an ill fit with Perfect Summer Santa Cruz summer camp that child will no longer be invited.


Ages: entering 1st-entering 6th graders are invited!

$40.00 Per day between 8:30-4:30.

$5.00 per day for extended care (if you stay after 4:30, open till 5:30)

$1 per minute late fee will begin at 5:35.

*One time $25.00 Registration Fee per family


All fees are due in advance, by the Friday prior to the week of attendance. Your child will not be permitted to attend until the payment is paid. There will be no refunds or credits for absences.

Payment may be made by check or money order to: Kirsten Wimp


There will be no half-day discounts and we will not be open after 5:30. I reserve the right to make exceptions on a case by case basis at my full discretion.


See the calendar for availability, send an email to request reservations. Deposit equal to one week’s fees required with initial registration and first week’s fees to secure your reservation. If you make a reservation but do not include payment, the space will be considered available to anyone who makes a reservation and includes applicable deposit and fees. Opportunity will be given to the reservation holder to make payment prior to reassignment of reservation.

What to bring:

Daily: lunch, water bottle, sunscreen, swimwear, towel, tote or backpack, booster seat if needed, and a spirit of creative fun. If you want to leave swimwear here, we will launder it weekly.

Please label clothing!!!
Wellness Policy:

While we understand the difficulty of making alternative arrangements for sick children, we cannot afford to spread the germs! Please keep your sick child home until they are 24 hours symptom free.

Fever: 99° F or above

Cold: has runny nose, glassy or watery eyes and this condition is less than two days old

Cough: has wet, wheezy cough- may return when child is feeling well and cough is more than two days old or dry

Vomiting: recurring upset stomach, vomiting- may return when symptom free 24 hours

Skin: presence of unidentified rash or impetigo, cold sores, or fever blisters. Also chicken pox or any childhood illness that may cause rash. May return with absence of symptoms or doctor’s note

Throat: evidence or complaint of sore throat, discomfort when swallowing- may return when there are no signs of inflammation.

Eyes: Green or white discharge, swollen, red or itchy eyes are symptoms or conjunctivitis (Pink Eye). May return after 24 hours antibiotic treatment.

Diarrhea: Recurring loose stools. May return with recovery of normal bowel movements.

Head lice: Intense scratching of scalp, mites or eggs in hair. Treatment with medicated shampoo and removal of all nits. May return when nit lice free.

Safety and Emergency Preparedness:

Perfect Summer Santa Cruz summer camp is equipped with a smoke alarm, fire extinguishers and emergency shut-off valves for gas water and electricity. I am certified in CPR and First Aid.

I will fill out accident reports for incidents or injury requiring more than soap and water, ice or a band-aid.

Please keep your emergency card updated so that you or trusted ones can be contacted if need be.

Please inform me of any allergies or concerns that will help me keep your child safe and well-cared for.

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